07 mayo 2013

La Gran Guerra en imágenes

Father and son, 1916Telegraph lines to the front line in World War 1Some shell cases on the roadside in the front area, the contents of which have been despatched over into the German linesZeppelin DamageThanksgiving cheer distributed for men in service. New York City turned host to the boys in service today and cared for every man in uniform. Underwood and Underwood: ca. 1918Welcome Home for returning World War I soldier, Fred Tippett, 1919 ; the two lads in the front, Norm and Jack Maloney, went on to fight in World War II and were Prisoners of War in Changi. They survived - Lewisham, Sydney, NSW
"Wild Eye", the Souvenir KingEerste Wereldoorlog, vluchtelingenNo Mans Land, Flanders Field, France, 1919 (LOC)Crowd scene at Ludgate Circus, London, after World War I, 1918A Moment's RestAfter the battle on the Menin Road, Belgium, 1917
Trenches near St. MihielEmbroidered World War I Helmet Bag of Jefferson H. ClarkFemale Auto Workers on Automobile Assembly Line at Nash Motors'With the camera at Anzac' – Taken 17.12.1915 shewing sunken 'Milo' from which majority of troops were evacuated

Largas e inertes trincheras, familiares de los combatientes celebrando el regreso y familiares de los combatientes caminando entre ruinas, momentos de descanso de la tropa... estas imágenes de archivo nos pintan la otra Primera Guerra Mundial, la que no se vé en los libros de Historia.

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